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Ir. Hugo Oosterkamp
MSC. Land and Water Management
Cabo Verde

The easy part is applying the law, it becomes a challenge to apply the spirit of the law


An engineer with a Masters degree in land and water management and over 15 years of experience in the development sector geared towards water supply and sanitation. Lately working in projects supporting decentralization of rural sector and development of peri-urban areas.

Key qualifications

  • Rural and urban water supply and treatment (boreholes, small piped distribution systems, manual pumps, submerged pumps).
  • Environmental sanitation (latrines design and management, urban waste management, urban drainage, environmental impact, public health promotion).
  • Review of design and on-site supervision of civil engineering structures.
  • Goal oriented when looking for solutions
  • Providing support to programs that involves (multy) donor funding of public institutions.
  • Capacity development of client staff and institutions.
  • Program and financial management of interventions.
  • Procurement and contract management of (local) services and construction of infrastructure.
  • Analysis of processes and procedures against local legislation.
  • Needs assessment of staff and supporting equipment and infrastructure.
  • A solid eduction based on a innovative approach. Pontificia Universidad Catˇlica del Per˙, Wageningen Agricultural University
  • Creative in several areas.
  • Thinking outside the box and taking the beneficiaries point of view as basis.
  • Language skills in English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Regional experience in Southern Africa (7 years), Asia (5 years) and Latin America (3 years)
  • Computer literate in general ´┐Żoffice´┐Ż packets and GIS, CAD, EPANET
Dear visitor

You probably reached this page in search for more information, unfortunately that is not longer possible. I will however supply you with any information that you might need. You can either contact me via email or skype.

After having spend some time with the family I am again available for short term assignments.

If you just need some plain advise on water and sanitation issues, let me know.

If you are overseas and want me to sort something out in the Mozambican water sector then drop me a line.

Kinds regards,

Hugo Oosterkamp

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